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Press Room

Your idea becomes reality here in our PRESS AREA. Our production capabilities include 2, 4 and 6 color presses, a complete small press department, cutters, die machines and a full service bindery; allowing us the flexibility to schedule and produce your job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As in every area of our company, a close attention to detail is paramount to ensuring true color reproduction on every printed sheet.

Two Color printing
You can get alot out of single and two color printing. The use of half tones (or percentages of the base color), it can appear as though there is a bunch of different colors.

The press to the right is a photo of one of our two-color presses.

Four Color printing
Examples of four color printing would be any full-color document such as magazines, catalogs, calendars, etc. Four color printing is where you get full-color photos.

Below is a photo of our four-color press.

Six Color printing
Six color printing allows for not only full-color images, but also specific PMS colors, such as when Coca-Cola uses photos but also their specific, trademark red in an ad. This is also where you can add a varnish to specific areas within your document for an extra-glossy finish.

Below is a photo of our six color press.

Die cutting
Die cutting is where you would want to have a unique shape to your document, such as a knock-out or tabs along the side, using a sharp, metal die.

To the right is a photo of our die cutter machine and and example of what it can do.

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