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Getting a Bid On or Ordering Jobs

This page will enable you to either request a bid or go ahead and submith your information and artwork for ordering a job. Please note that files larger than 10MB won't go through this process properly and will have to be handled differently. Please contact us for more information on how to transfer these large files.

Before placing your order, it is extremely important to read and follow all of the steps listed below to ensure correct submission of your information and files, and a speedy production of your job. To help assist you in preparing your files, click on the link to the left and when finished, double check yourself with the "Order prep checklist" link shown above.

For assistance in choosing your paper stock, click on the assistant link to the left.


1. Contact information

Company name:

*Your First name:

*Your Last name:

*Phone number (include area code):


*2. Requesting a bid Submiting a job

*3. Job description

4. New order Exact reorder Reorder w/Changes

*5. Quantity

*6a. Number of colors
1 2 3 4 5 6Full-colorFour-color plus PMS

*6b. Specify colors (include any PMS numbers)

*7. Paper weight, color and description

*8. Number of sides
(One or Two)

9. Bindery
Gather Perfect Bind Saddle Stitch Die Cut
Score Number (starting) Labels
DrillHoles Pad Sheets Box Wrap

10. Finished folding size

11. Shipping
Will Pick-up
Please Ship to:


By clicking the submit button below, you're sending all of the information given above. The page that follows will enable you to submit your files via FTP.

An FTP software will be necessary to upload your files to us. If you do not have one, there are links to free downloadable FTP softwares available on the next page.


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