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Claffey Printing is very proud of its scanning capabilities. Our scanning department includes flatbed and drum scanners that have the ability of reproducing at the highest levels.

Our Linotype-Hell drum scanner (shown here) can take acurate scans of originals from as small as dime-size, all the way to 18"x20" and has the ability to scale them up to 3000% of the original size.

Other companies (and individuals alike) may have personal flatbed scanners, but the images that come from them are vastly inferior in comparison to the capabilities of drum scanners. Here at Claffey Printing, we're proud to have one of the best in drum scanning capabilities and you'll definately see it in your final product.

Color Correction

Once the scanning process is complete, we then go through rigorous color correction steps to assure that the end image has the best quality color and cleanest, sharpest resolution. This to adds to the professional quality caliber of your finished piece.

Call us to see how we can give you the highest quality reproduction image.

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